Chemical Analysis

Chemical Analysis

RTL has the ability and experience to meet all your chemical analysis needs. We understand that material composition is critical to a material’s weldability, machinability, durability and stability in its intended use. As materials have diversified there has been a surge of new alloys emerging which are lighter, stronger and more heat, chemical and exposure resistant that are designed to meet a variety of specific end uses. These may include renewable or recycled materials, making composition and material properties more challenging to identify and control.

RTL is equipped with a wide range of techniques and instrumentations to meet any chemical analysis testing requirement, regardless of chemical composition, material shape or size. We pride ourselves in analyzing material’s elements from “a” to “z”. We are equipped with a wide range of techniques and instrumentation to identify chemical composition, determine chemical quality and identify any impurities: Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES), Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer (SEM/EDS) with Backscatter Electron Imaging (BSE), LECO Combustion Analysis (Hydrogen per ASTM E1447, Nitrogen & Oxygen per ASTM E1019).

Whether you seek to verify a material certification or to obtain detailed breakdown of an unknown material, RTL has the expertise to provide you with the analysis needed for your specific application and end goals.

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