Corrosion Testing

As reported by NACE International in the International Measures of Prevention, Application, and Economics of Corrosion Technologies (IMPACT) 2016 study, “The global cost of corrosion is estimated to be US$2.5 trillion, which is equivalent to 3.4% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (2013).” This unconceivable figure is independent of indirect cost which is estimated to be as enormous as the direct cost noted.

Corrosion is a form of material degradation that happens when material interacts with its environment. It can happen in any form and cause a range of material alterations from mechanical damage through changes in physical properties to changes in physical appearance. There is an intricate relationship between material chemistry, microstructure, surface condition, environmental chemistry humidity and temperature that affect corrosion mechanisms, especially those that impact the useful life cycle. Since a large number of factors affect corrosion behavior and corrosion resistance, there is no universal corrosion tests. RTL can provide different exposure tests to examine the corrosion resistance properties of your material or component using the most relevant regulations, codes and standards.

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