Weld Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

RTL is proud to offer professional, expert services in failure analysis. Any reports produced by RTL and opinions expressed on the behalf of RTL will always be supported by certified testing procedures and calibrated equipment.

Failure analysis is the general term used for the combination of methods used in determining why a material, component, or weldment did not perform as expected. Failures can be very simple or very complex and can be caused by latent defects. There are many causes of failures ranging from overloads, brittleness, ductility, fatigue, misuse, wear, corrosion, environmental exposure, poor design, incorrect or poor fabrication, accidents, damage, oversight, material mix-up, lack of training, design error, sabotage and many other causes. Our entire focus of failure analysis is to determine the root-cause of a component’s or weldment’s catastrophic fracture, performance failure or degradation. Our multi-faceted, investigative approach guarantees and efficient use of your time and resources.

The sooner a failure analysis can begin, the sooner the results and conclusions may be available. This is because the sooner the failure analysis begins there are more details and more accurate information about the facts surrounding the failure that are available and fresh. Documentary photographs should be taken showing the surrounding conditions and the effects of the failure. Analysis should be performed before and degradation occurs that may destroy key evidence or the fracture surfaces. The main reason to begin the analysis as soon as possible is to identify the cause, which can be used to determine if there are other potential latent failures, have time to develop test methods to find other similar defects and take steps to prevent similar failures from occurring that may lead to additional damages.

Each failure analysis is unique and there is no one size fits all when determining the types of testing required to conduct a root-cause failure analysis; therefore, the cost will vary based on the types of testing methods used and time needed, but an “Estimated Cost” can be provided once the material, component or weldment to be analyzed have been received. We also perform failure analysis using “Not to Exceed Cost”, requiring approval to proceed beyond prior cost limitations.

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